Explore the Regional Overview of the EDA Required Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Review the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan from a Regional Level, including the planning process, hazard identification & risk assessment, adoption documentation, and additional state/federal requirements.

For a more in-depth look at local planning, explore information by County. Here you can find copies of each county’s strategic plan, an overview of county-level goals and objectives, and a toolkit for assisting counties in implementing goals/objectives.

Regional Highlights/Upcoming Events

On September 18, 2023, stakeholders from across the region came together for the first Opioid Symposium. Click here to review the event and keep up with next steps.

As a culmination of the regional planning process, BRADD hosts an annual Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Summit. Click here to learn more and register for the upcoming Summit.

Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) is a $42 billion federal funding initiative that is likely to be the last significant federal government funding opportunity to expand broadband access. Click here to learn more.

About us


BRADD serves a 10-county region in Southcentral Kentucky. To learn more about our agency as a whole, visit our agency website below.


Regional Planning: Local Strategies

Each of our 10 counties are currently going through a year-long comprehensive strategic planning process that examines traditional community & economic development planning alongside multi-hazard mitigation planning. A brief overview of the process is below.


Develop/Convene Steering Committee

To kick efforts off, each county was asked to develop or convene a local Steering Committee. This committee serves as the primary working-group for the effort and guides the direction of the planning in their community.


Develop Strategic Vision & Action Plan

As Local Steering Committees begin to meet, each is tasked with the development of a County Level Strategic Action Plan. This plan will build upon any previously completed planning efforts and outline actionable next steps for the community to take to reach their self-identified goals.


Seek Feedback & Commitment from the Community

A major component of this holistic approach to regional and local planning is the need for feedback and commitment from the community. Each County Steering Committee will be hosting a minimum of two public hearings at various points in the planning effort in order to continue to gather input from the public. You can also submit feedback or input at any time using the contact form linked below.


Publicize the Plan

Once the plan is finalized at the local level, check back here to review the published version.


Implement the Plan

This planning effort doesn’t end with a finalized plan. Instead, BRADD’s team is on-hand to help communities begin implementing the strategies outlined in their County Strategic Plans and progress toward a stronger tomorrow.


Celebrate Your Success

Finally, throughout the process, we will celebrate our successes. Check back here to view a snapshot of work completed to date and gather a look at what’s on the horizon for our BRADD Communities.

Incorporate Existing Plans

This Regional Planning Effort aims to build upon existing local plans, incorporating previously completed efforts as opposed to recreating the wheel in each community. 

Voice of the Community

In addition to monthly local Steering Committee Meetings, numerous public hearings, or “Voice of the Community” meetings will be held throughout the process. 

Regional Approach

By looking at Hazard Mitigation Planning, Comprehensive Economic Development Planning, and Strategic Planning from a regional prospective, BRADD Communities are better situated to support each other and garner outside investment in priority areas.

The secret of success

Viewing any given topic from a broad and holistic perspective, each individual decision can be better tied into sustainable community development as a whole.
Stephen M. Wheeler
– Sustainability in Community Development

Regional Datasets

Additional Regional Datasets are being developed throughout this process. For a look at current datasets available, click the links below.

Community Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our communities are saying after going through our holistic regional planning process.

“The Butler County steering committee is working towards a better tomorrow. As we plan around both hazard mitigation and community economic development practices, we are allowing each of our communities to take control of the future of the county. Butler County has a rich and proud heritage and we are ready to embrace a new path to secure a bright future.”

Butler County Judge.
Tim Flener

“Simpson County has had a great start to the strategic planning initiative. Our county is filled with citizens who are dedicated to the future of the county and I am excited for the end results of this planning effort. I am proud to be a part of this effort and encourage all citizens interested in participating to attend the monthly committee meetings. I also want to thank the BRADD for putting these strategic planning sessions together.”

Simpson COunty Judge Mason Barnes